See below for an abridged list of recent work. Note: work that has been released will be linked to the corresponding issue.


 As Men Do Around Knives (ELJ Editions, Summer 2016)


Best New Poets 2017, "What's Underneath Must Be Examined & Released" (Winter 2018)

cream city review, "Was It Supposed To Feel Good" (forthcoming)

Crab Creek Review, "After" (forthcoming)

Passages North, "Advice From Stevie Nicks on Naming Night" (Spring 2017)

Parcel, "For Once" (Winter 2017)

Fourteen Hills, "Advice From Stevie Nicks on Dreaming" (Winter 2017)

Sugar House Review, "What I Chose to Disinherit" (Fall/Winter 2016)

Spoon River Poetry Review, "What's Underneath Must Be Examined & Released" (Summer 2016)

the minnesota review, "in this town (Fall 2016)

Whiskey Island, "the last time you had this dream" (Spring 2016)

The Pinch, "[ode to moth-wing tinder]" & "[in september, august]" (Spring 2016)

Pacifica Literary Review, "The kind of day" (Winter 2016)

Apogee Journal, "Wallpapers or Every Time I Touch My Phone" (Winter 2015)


Devil's Lake, "To go back" (Spring/Summer 2017)

DIALOGIST, "Still Life" (Winter 2017)

Hobart, "Dear Katie, "Definitions," & "Hole" (Fall 2016)

Vinyl Poetry, "Revenant" (Summer 2016)

Winter Tangerine Review, "[Because you can't stop thinking of orchards]" (Summer 2016)

Booth, "Once Said" (Spring 2016)

BOAAT, "The Lighthouse & Now the Future & Everywhere Has Water" (Spring 2016)

Tinderbox Poetry Journal, "Advice From Bruce Springsteen on Driving" & "The Night Your Mother" (Spring 2016)

THRUSH Poetry Journal, "twenty-four seven i am html code" (Spring 2016)

Cleaver Magazine, "Cockcrow" (Spring 2016)

The Adroit Journal, "Cockshut" (Fall 2015)

Radar Poetry, "Advice From Robert Johnson on Disappearing" (Summer 2015)

pioneertown, "Advice From Stevie Nick on Dating" (Summer 2015)

Wu-Wei Fashion Mag, "Routine, September" (Summer 2015)

Former People, "Your whole body is an acre" (Summer 2015)

Rogue Agent, "Egg" (Spring 2015)

Red Paint Hill, "Fledgling" (Winter 2015)